Look Young and Natural with Liz Earle Make-up Range

Liz Earle is a popular make-up brand in UK and continually gaining popularity worldwide because of its natural glow effect and safe ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals which help people to achieve the look they want. From skincare to coloured products, Liz Earle can get the job done. Below are some of their make-up ranges:

Source: http://uk.lizearle.com

Natural Finish Loose Powder

Velvety soft and light to wear. Liz Earle Natural Finish Loose Powder can cover blemishes, dark spots and even your skin tone. Because of the light formulation, you will not even notice that you are wearing it. The loose powder is enriched with Vitamin E, avocado oils and borage to give youthful look while protecting the skin. It comes in two different shades which is the shade 01 (Ivory, recommended for fair-skinned women) and shade 02(Natural Beige, recommended for medium to tan). Absolutely no harmful preservatives.

Natural Glow Bronzer

Achieve the tan you want on your face with Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer, a sheer bronzer that will give you a healthy glow on your sun-kissed skin. Give your bronze skin a radiant glow with a minimal shimmer effect. The bronzer is packed with borage oils which help to lock-in the moisture and avocado oils that help the skin to feel so soft and smooth. Vitamin E protects the skin from future cell-damage while giving the skin a natural glow.

Healthy Glow Powder Blush

Smooth, soft and healthy looking. One of the popular products of Liz Earle and a must-have blush to craze about. Light, soft and blends well to your skin. Liz Earle Healthy Glow Powder Blush enhances your cheeks into a blooming flower. It comes with 7 different shades that will definitely match your mood and mix well with your other favourite cosmetic products. Its active ingredient is vitamin-E and Paraben-free (a dangerous preservative mixed in some cosmetics).

Sheer Lip Gloss

The Liz Earle Sheer Lip Gloss is a luxurious lip gloss that enhances the lips and gives a luminous effect. Enriched with avocado oil and Shea butter, Liz Earle Sheer Lip Gloss is truly a stand-out product available in 12 different shades to mix and match your overall look. It is soft, light and gives you a non-greasy feeling making it comfortable to wear every day! This lip gloss in one of Liz Earle’s successful products that caught the attention of many teenagers, young adults and ladies. Definitely a must-have!

These are just some of the beauty products exclusively from Liz Earle make-up line. Light, soft, smooth and safe to use. The Liz Earle make-up range can compete with other make-up manufacturer giants because of the colour and the quality!


PSO2 Story Quest: The Masked Threat

So, I am really bored and nothing to do. I got tired of spam-hunting Vol Dragon in Cauldron Exploration. I noticed that I only completed half of that story quest, the first one is when I saved Matoi (you have to meet her, she is really cute!). Then when I did this quest again, it’s still the same except for this creepy voice I heard when I arrived at Naberius. I followed it and I found this guy…

Phantasy Star Mysterious Guy

Sil: I love purple, but it looks creepy on him!

He looks decided that I he will do something bad at us, like a fight or something but out of nowhere this guy came!


Sil: Who the heck is this guy (who looks like Seymour of FF10)?


Sil: Definitely not my friend, Afin!

The grey-haired dude keeps on asking who is he but the tuxedo purple guy disappeared. Now, this guy is also forcing us to spill the beans about his identity, but really, I don’t even know this guy!

Sil: I thought you are nice! But you are such a meanie, I am an ARKS OP too you know!

Sil: I thought you are nice! But you are such a meanie, I am an ARKS OP too you know!


Sil: I don’t know what happened either!


This is just me being a pretty newman..lol.

What do you think guys? Who are those people who just come out of the blue while we are doing some mission? I’m so scared!!!

The Origin of ARKS Op Sil

silportraitName: Sil
Race: Newman
Main Class: Force
Sub Class: Techer
Affiliation: ARKS
Ship Name: Ur
Age: 25
Birthday: June 6th
Favorite Color: White




Origin of her Name

I want the name to be short, one word and compose of 2-5 letters only with no special characters. Just normal ones. Originally, I have an old account and it was named Silk. I named her after the name of the store Silky Doll which Sylia Stingray of Bubblegum Crisis owns. It was a human force but she looks awful so I made a new account.

I removed the letter k from my previous IGN Silk, so it became Sil. At first thought, I was like, “Wow, I’ll go with this one, it sounds futuristic. But how futuristic can it be?

Few days after playing her,  it just popped to my mind that she has the same name with the alien-predator Sil of the Species franchise movie. OH.MY.GOSH. I JUST NAMED HER AFTER THE SEX PREDATOR HALF-HUMAN-HALF-ALIEN SIL.

For those who didn’t know, Sil is the protagonist/antagonist from the 1987 movie “Species”.

I was like, lol, whatever, it’s done already and she is now level 31.

So that’s the story! I hope you liked it!

Phantasy Star Online 2: Arks Recruit Sil

Hello! It’s been a long time since I last posted here! Hope I’ll get this blog updated at least once a week! Anyways, I am playing a new game called Phantasy Star Online 2, SEA server. It took me 2 days two finally come up with a good IGN that sounds futuristic. This game also reminds me of an anime, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.

My character’s name is Sil, she is a Newman Techer (Mage) and currently at level 31. Maximum level of the game is currently 40, but in no time I’ll get there very soon!

See those hips? It's HOT.

See those hips? It’s HOT.

Them Chun-Li-like hips! I made her that way, she is really tall (but not too tall, I guess). I made her body somewhat proportional (I hope so! Nyaaa~). I’ll post my adventures here!

MyEm0.Com Bye for now~

Syndra, Pearl of the Landgraabs Part 1

Part 1 – “Oh no, I’m fat!”

This is a story about a teenage girl named Syndra (Yes, I got that from League of Legends, my Sims 3 is full of LoL champs!). In her other lore, she is wicked, crazy and power hungry. In this story, she is no other than an ordinary teenage girl. She is living the life of luxury. She lives in a big house as the heiress of the Landgraab family, but it doesn’t mean that she won’t do her homework!

Ugggh, this homework is so hard!

Ugggh, this homework is so hard!

As you can see, she dresses elegantly (Ofc, she is a heiress). She is pretty too! This is her family tree…


She is indeed the 3rd generation of  the Landgraabs in Sunset Valley. She lives with his grandfather  Geoffrey who is a scientist at their own research facility and his father Malcolm, who owns several establishments in town. She have a step mother named Holly Alto but she does not live in the house because Queenie Landgraab (her grandma) does not like her despite of  having a daughter with Malcolm out of wedlock. Although Holly and Malcom get married after the birth of Caitlin (Syndra’s elder sister), the couple have decided to live separately so Holly can keep her parent’s house for Caitlin.

Little known about Syndra’s real mother. Malcolm told his parents that he really enjoyed the company of her mother while staying at the university (Maybe the mother is Malcom’s classmate or…his professor!). Syndra’s mother decided to let his father raise her because of his status in Sunset Valley.

She is not really close with her half-sister Caitlin, they don’t have anything in common. She believes Caitlin is “too plain”. She likes to hang out with celebrity teens Leona and Diana Moon, both who are pretty and popular.

She likes to bake waffles for breakfast…but always burn it! Poor oven..

Another batch of burned waffles??? But, I'm sooo hungry!

Another batch of burned waffles??? But, I’m sooo hungry!

After breakfast and taking a bath, she does not forget to check out herself on the mirror..

OMG, I'm so fat! Like Christina Aguilera fat! Look at these cheeks, sooo round and plumpy!

OMG, I’m so fat! Like Christina Aguilera fat! Look at these cheeks, sooo round and plumpy!

She decided to go to the gym to lose some weight.

OMG, there are no treadmill available! Guess I'll have to try out the other machine.

OMG, there are no treadmill available! Guess I’ll have to try out the other machine.

Must...lose..weight!! Arrrghh!!

Must…lose..weight!! Arrrghh!!

As you can see in the pic, she really worked it out and now she stinks (ewww!). She took a rest for a few minutes and she took a shower to freshen up. As usual, she checked out on herself again…

That work out is so great! I feel like my face has improved!

That work out is so great! I feel like my face has improved!

I mean seriously, Syndra? Few minutes of workout and you felt like your face has become thinner? Lol!

After the gym session, she headed home because she feels so tired and sleepy. She saw her weirdo dad Malcolm who is doing another weird stuff today..


That’s it for today. I will post more about Syndra’s teenage life and hopefully this will work out pretty well! I don’t really play Sims 3 regularly but when I am bored, why not! Thanks for reading!

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 12

New year, new episode! The Big Bang Theory season 7 episode 12 had just been aired. I’ve been watching this show since it was first aired and every episode is funny! This episode contains funny, exciting and sad moments….

Penny got a role for NCIS!

Penny is so excited about her role for NCIS. She can’t fully describe the title of the show because of the “long letters” but lol, I am really happy for her.

Upset Penny is Upset..

While watching the show with friends, Penny got upset because her scene have been cut out. Poor Penny.


Penny: Where is the diner scene?

Penny left Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment due to humiliation. I will do the same thing if I were her. :(

Stupid Leonard is not cautious of what he say. Now everything gets worse!

Raj and Stuart looks for “ordinary people” to talk to

Raj and Stuart is still DESPERATE to talk to girls but having difficulties. They tried to talk to “ordinary people” in which Raj refers to “Fat and Ugly” people (I hate you for that Raj!) so they went to the mall. The two is looking for someone to talk to but it’s been hours and they haven’t talk to anyone yet!

Penny proposed to Leonard but turned down

Upset Penny gets drunk and dropped by to Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment. The two of them talk. Leonard is still stupid to say the right things at the right time. Penny suddenly proposed to Leonard!

Penny proposal drunk

Penny: Leonard Hofstadter, will you marry me?

Leonard’s response is…

Leonard declined proposal TBBT

Leonard: Ahmmm..

Sure, Penny is now more upset than ever! She left the apartment with a hint of “I don’t want to date you anymore”. Now everything is messed up between Penny and Leonard.

Sheldon tried to be funny till the end! 

Sad Leonard is sad and was alone in the kitchen having tea. Sheldon comforted Leonard and attempted to perform his last joke in the episode but has been revealed by Leonard. Sheldon removed the “Kick Me” sign at Leonard’s back before heading to bed.

Before the end of the episode, Raj and Stuart successfully talked to a security guard at the mall on its closing time. Stuart commented “That is smooth” to Raj.

Meanwhile, Howard is recording a video for his audition in the new Star Wars movie but got interrupted with his nagging wife, Bernadette because Howard forgot to replace toilet paper in the comfort room. What a funny scene indeed!

Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 12 HERE.