Saturday, October 11, 2014

Phantasy Star Online 2: A humble comeback

I've been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 since its release. I played it non stop for about 2 months.After reaching level 40 to both my Techer and Wizard class, I became inactive and I just got back today. They have updated the game and there is a new game mode, new contents, maps and also, the market price dramatically increased. Anyways, I would like you to meet my character named Sil. She comes from the Newman race which specializes photon magic. Here are some screenies I have so you can see:

Bubblews Discrimation Leads to Strike

With the recent update of Bubblews about money redemption, there are lots of negative and violent reactions about it. Just in case you are not familiar with Bubblews, it's a website that let's people write and get paid for it for every views and likes that the "post" get. So if you gained a hundred likes and views within 5 minutes then it's an instant $2.00 for you.

The downside is you have to reach $50.00 to request a withdrawal and it takes 30 days to process your payment. You will receive an e-mail from PayPal that a check is coming waiting to be cleared to be credited in your PayPal account which will take 4-6 business days. Then another 2-5 business days to get into your bank account (if you need cash). 

Now, because of the recent update "third class users" or users outside of Canada, US and U.K will increase the processing of payment to 60-90 days instead of 30-35 days. I don't get the logic behind this, but this is just unfair and discrimination is OBVIOUS. Are you saying that Canada, US and U.K only speaks and write fluent English. Then what do you call Australia and New Zealand then (yet considered a third class country according to Bubblews)? 

Oh it's also about the issue of spambots and hacks that generates views and likes instantly. Bubblews claims that violators are usually from "third class citizen" countries which is any country outside Canada, US and UK. This is just ridiculous and idiotic. 

Why they can't figure out which account uses spambots and hacks? Are they that stupid? Lol. Here are some screenshots of people who strike against this unfair, unpaying and abusive website. Just click the image for a larger view:

I still have $53.00 pending for about a week now and another $100 dollars on the way. After getting that money, I am done. I will also not use Bubblews until they have resolved this issue. So far, I think I'll be full-timing iWriter for now. Pay is not that high for starters, but at least they have low threshold and pay every Tuesdays. 

This website will soon perish due to mismanagement. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Jarvan IV Classic Skin Splash Art

So, recently while browsing, I stumbled upon with this image and found out that this is the new classic skin splash art of Jarvan. His old splash art is okay but thanks Rito for updating this for us. Really, really, manly, Jarvan. Hehe,,,, 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nap Time in a Nutshell

Dang it! It's now becoming a habit. It's been three days straight I am always like this after lunch. Now for sure I'm gonna grew fatter than ever!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Crochet for Beginners FREE E-book

I love crochet! In fact I have a Facebook group called I Heart Crochet (Please join and let's share the same passion, :D )

I would like to share this wonderful FREE crochet for beginners e-book from Stitch Craft Create UK . They have the most creative and colorful patterns for all occasions! They also sell quality yarns and hooks.

If you are a crochet beginner, it's okay! It is very easy and fun. You don't need to hire a tutor because you can learn it yourself. If you are an e-book person, here's a good e-book that will help you a lot on your beginner's journey in the world of crochet. Click the pink button below to download the free e-book for crochet beginners. Enjoy!

Download Free E-book here! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Photo of the Day: Selfie Noob

I don't really know how to selfie. I guess you can say I'm a noob. Lol! Taken at the kitchen...(the only presentable place in our house) :P 

Goal Setting Helps a Lot!

Image Source: http://www/ 

Setting your goals is important to achieve something and to finally get what you desire. When setting a goal, you should set it a little higher on what you can ACTUALLY do. Once you have reached it, for sure it will make you feel better. It will make you think that you can do BETTER.

I am an online freelancer. My main role is freelance writing but I can also do much. I enjoy writing but I do enjoy doing other things too. Right now, my online career is a little bit depressing because everyday a new batch of freelancers are being born (lol, you can say that). Meaning to say that if there are 1,000 new freelancers everyday, there is also another 1,000 people that you need to compete with.

I've been in this industry for 4 years already. There are times that I prosper and there are times that I don't. I admit that in the past few months, I am not doing much effort that I intended too but now I am doing my best to catch up to get back on track. It will take me a month to earn what I earn during my prosperous years, lol.

It's okay. I remember the times when I started my career, it took me 28 days to get hired.

Setting my goals helps me a lot. It drives me to do a lot than to slack a lot. I suggest it to you too. If you want to achieve something, just DO IT. And when you do it, do it immediately because time is very important.